Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I hate the heat

Yes. I hate the heat.

I know, I know - two years into our life here in the jungle, and NOW I come out with this statement. But it's true, I'm really not a hot (hot!) weather person.
I accept the heat, and I deal with living in it - because I have no choice at the moment.
I certainly don't enjoy it though, and I'm going through a period where it's driving me crazy to be sweaty and flustered all the time and I can't stand it. I hurry from AC to AC, but sometimes being outside is unavoidable, and I hate it.


1 comment:

Anna said...

du har all min sympati, tycker inte heller om allt for varmt och klibbigt. har inte mycket av den varan har i uk som tur var! kram anna uk