Friday, 11 September 2009

Blog celebrity

Recently I have been feeling like a real blog celebrity. At a bazaar last week, a lady approached me and asked if I was "the lady with the blog"? Ehm, yes - I have A blog..?
Well, she was newly arrived in Brunei, and had been reading my blog for a while - she had found it while googling for information about everyday life in Brunei before coming here, and got hooked!

Funny thing is - this wasn't the first time this has happened!
I got "found" by a German lady this spring, who was about to move here from Singapore, and we ended up emailing each other for quite a while. I helped her with some of her queries and gave her lots of information. We have since met a bit now that she is here, and it's rather amusing how much she knows about me - just by having read the blog.
Same thing with a Swedish (yay!) lady who is moving out here in October. She also found the blog, and have been emailing. I'm looking forward to meeting her too in real life!

And finally, a friend of mine have visitors at the moment from home - guess if she got a surprise when they asked her if she knew a lady called Boel?! They had googled Brunei as well before coming on holiday, found this and read all my posts! Ha ha!

(Plus, I do think most of my readers are actually people who live here..! Good way to keep up with what we are up to I guess!)


Jason said...

Always nice to meet a fellow country-person but it lead me into a population comparison. Sweden's population density is about 21 people per square km whereas Brunei has 69! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised because Sweden is huge but then I realise why it is such a joy for you to meet with fellow Swedes. And to finish on the subject of Sweden, our new helper's last 2 employers were Swedish and she knows how to cook Swedish meatballs. When shall we arrange the room for you?

Shamim Akhtar said...

i got mentioned!! yay! its me shamim (the-lady-at-the-bazaar) im famous! lol! xx

Susanne said...

Hi Boel,
regards from the "visitor" from Hamburg/Germany. I was happy to meet you personally and share a hash event with you :-)