Friday, 4 September 2009

Very cool

I have spent the last few evenings together with 'Blurb'. Blurb is a program that I downloaded from the internet, where you can make books.
They support the making of all sorts of books: photo books, cook books and what I have been doing - a blog book! I have now put this blog into book form, for me to keep! It's very cool! So far I've done the first year, and will continue and do the second year too. It's great, like a diary and photo book all in one!

I haven't ordered it yet because I'm still busy proof reading, but I will of course show you the finished result as soon as I get it.


heffamamman said...

Vilken bra idé! Jag har undrat hur man skulle kunna spara bloggen på nåt bra sätt. Min handlar ju mest om Heffaklumpens liv. Den skulle kunna bli en väldigt ingående Boken om mig, ifall jag skulle göra den som minnesbok till Heffa.

Berätta sen hur slutresulatet blir! Gärna priset också.


TinTin said...

Vad kul! Det måste jag kolla in.

Nikki White said...

This sounds so cool Boel!! Can't wait to see the finished project!