Monday, 14 September 2009

Not a single one!

It's been a hectic weekend this weekend, and I sit here now and realize that I haven't taken a single photo all weekend!! Not a single one! Crazy, and very unlike me. What's going on?

We went to the Yacht Club on Friday afternoon for a 6-year birthday party. "Whirlwindy" as always but good fun, especially for the kiddies. In the evening we attended an adult birthday party which for some of us didn't end until 5 o'clock in the morning... Guess who.
Saturday I went to a surprise baby shower in the afternoon, with an endless arrival of goodies, sweet and savoury dishes, mmm; and in the evening I went to a girlfriend's birthday celebration, with more goodies and wine.

Yesterday the kids and I went to this month's Kids Hash at Subok. Good fun as always, and I was mighty impressed because the run was rather a long and hilly one, even for the youngest - and both Lucas and Linnea did the whole thing by themselves! Without complaining once!
It really grabs them, this 'follow-the-paper' thing. They love it!

Now I have to go find my camera, can't believe it's been packed away all weekend...

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Anonymous said...

hi, i am so glad to see your blog. I have been trying to join the Junior Hash in Brunei but I don't have any person to contact. Do you mind to tell me where can i get more information about the hash? thanks a lot, Jenny.