Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Hashing at the beach

Yesterday, Anna, Tina and I set a hash at one of the beaches up close to us. It's called Pantai Meragang, but everybody calls it Crocodile Beach - even though, as far as I've heard, noone has ever seen a crocodile there.
We laid the trail in through the jungle quite a bit, it was pretty thorny and jungly, mostly actually virgin trails; and ended up out on the beach so the hashers got a lovely run back to the tent, along the beach in the sunset. It was a really nice run actually!

We saw a kingfisher:

As I said, they got a nice walk/run back along the beach - isn't it beautiful?

Pantai Meragang and the South China Sea, at sunset:

Everybody arrived back at the tent, safe and sound.

As hares (=the ones who lay the run of the night), we got awarded a down-down. Here we are getting ready, one...

... two...

... three!!!

It was also my 50th run last night! That's the first time you receive a special award, and then you get awards at every 50th hash you do. (Some of our hashers have done over 1100 runs!!! The Brunei ladies hash is the oldest one in the world!)
For your first one, you get a Selangor wine goblet/glass, with the Brunei Hen House Harrier logo, your name and the date inscribed. Really nice! This is me getting my glass, a closer picture will follow.

(Thank you to Tina for all the photos!)

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