Tuesday, 15 September 2009

First swimming lessons

Today was the day for the kids' first After-School-Activities, ASAs. We decided already at the end of last term, that we would send them to the swimming club this term, since it's the term that is most regular.
So, today both of them had their first swimming lessons, with the Dolphins Club - the swimming club at school.

Linnea will do half an hour twice a week. She is in a group with four of her little class mates, and she seemed to take to the listening-to-instructions so-so this first time... It was a lot of fun playing with her friends, obviously... It'll come!
Here they are doing bunny jumps:

And here they are "driving motorbikes", with their heads under the water. It's Linnea out in the middle of the pool:

Watch her go!

And here is Lucas, and his group. They are having an hours lesson, but only once a week.

Practising kicking:

And after swimming, it was well needed, and deserved snack time!

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