Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Early birds

School starts early in the morning here in Brunei. We leave home between 07.05-07.10 at the latest, (mostly to get a good park at school) the mornings get a bit crazy at school - too many cars, not enough parking space. Well - not enough parking space close enough so you don't need to walk too far...
By 07.40 when the bell goes, the kids need to be sat in their class rooms and ready to start. It means having put their bag away, and their lunch box and water bottle in the right place. In Kindy it's enough they are there by 08.00, but Linnea is always there in time anyway.

A day like today it's even more chaotic at school, because it was pouring down with rain.
Rain in Brunei is not like any other rain I've experienced. It's not like it starts to slowly trickle and 'drip-drop' and then maybe accelerates. No, it's like turning on a tap, as far as it gets, all at once!
I hate driving in the rain, because you see absolutely nothing. The wipers doesn't make any difference, because it' so heavy. Many drivers can't be bothered turning on their head lights, so it's a real challenge to get to school down the motorway, especially at this time of year!

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