Sunday, 13 September 2009

Perth purchase

Since Nathan is flying short haul, he doesn't do any long trips away to any exciting destinations out here. Every now and then, he gets a Perth, which is the only overnight our short haul boys do. If you are lucky, you get it on a day when the stores are open, and you can get some shopping done.
Some wives send longer lists than others with their husbands, of things to get. I have never really understood that and am really curious to know what all these things are they so desperately need to get?

Maybe it's just that I'm not so fussy, if the tooth paste we normally use isn't there, I choose another one; or if there is no ham I buy salami this week etc. After having moved about here and there and everywhere I guess I have just learned to make do with what there is - otherwise you make your life really complicated.

But, this time in Perth - Nathan did actually bring back something, this:

Lucky he had some practise this summer mounting one in Denmark, so it didn't take too long to put it all together. Matt helped, and they were just about ready when Linnea came home from school.

And then we had the inauguration:

The kids have already had lots of fun on this with their friends. It's huge, 13 ft, and keeps them busy for hours! Will give them lots of exercise too! Great purchase!

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