Wednesday, 16 September 2009

First ballet class

Linnea had her first ballet lesson today after school. Considering she was awfully disappointed she wasn't allowed to do Hip-Hop (it's only for kids in Reception and up), I wasn't quite sure how this girly-girly tutu-heaven, pink galore activity was going to go down with her...

All the mums were in place today to help the little ones change, and then off we went to the school's dance studio. At least they were all really looking the part, they were so, so cute!

They learned so many things already today: "happy feet"(=pointy toes), "close the door" (=feet together), stretch the fingers, hands on hips, rise up on your toes, straighten your necks like a giraffe etc... It seemed liked a little bit too much information for Linnea, who had never tried this before, and couldn't really coordinate it all at once. But she did her very best, listening to all the instructions:

I thought it was a shame though, that discipline seemed to be so important already with these 3-4 year olds - Linnea got hushed on (!) when she laughed and was happy, and again when she excitedly said "-This is so much fun!!" - bless her...

Here is the whole little group:

I'm not quite sure she will want to go back next week. We will see. She seemed to have fun, but you never quite know with her. I hope so. She was so incredibly gorgeous..!

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