Sunday, 13 September 2009

Hot, hot, hot!

This past week has been very hot and sticky here in Brunei, with next to no rain at all. I've been exercising every morning after school drop off, and I've had huge issues with being overheated afterward!

Even though, I finish off my training with a bit of a cooling down period every time, and even though I've only taken cold showers every time - not only have my face continued to be as red as a stop light for several hours after workout, but I've also continued to sweat profusely (too much information?) until way after lunch time! More than once have I felt the need to jump through the shower for a bit of a mid-day cool off, and I've really been bothered about this.
I can't remember it being like this last year when I came back?

Then, one of my teacher friends gave me a scientific explanation:
Living here in tropical climate all the time, makes our blood thinner. So therefor when we get home to Scandinavia/UK etc in the summer time, we are still feeling cold when everybody else are warm. Starting off our holidays in jeans and fleeces f.e. With time, our bodies gets used to the temperature back there and thickens the blood again, so - when we get back here, we get overheated!
Apparently, it takes quite a while for the blood to thin back down, and that's why I've been feeling the way I have. Probably last year, when it was hotter back home and cooler here, the difference wasn't as big as this year - hence I can't remember this reaction from last year.

I have read though that red wine is supposed to act like a blood thinner - so I'll go with that! That's a 'diet' I can do!

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