Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Bring it on!

October seems to be a busy month in Linnea's year group, lots of the kids have birthdays coming up - so to be sure I would get the date I had planned, I had Linnea's birthday invites go out yesterday.

Last year I did a photo montage invitation, this year I decided I would scrap them instead. Found some inspiration on the internet, and made these cute little lollipops:

I should have taken a photo of all 27 (!) of them, as they were all in different paper and very colourful - but I forgot, and only had the prototype left at home. At least you get an idea!
On the front is the invitation, and on the back a photo of the star herself.

1 comment:

TinTin said...

Önskar så att jag hade lust att ta mig tiden att göra sådana där personliga kort, det är så mycket roligare att få!