Friday, 18 September 2009

I'm Mrs Watson

The kids in school all have one specialist session a week doing PMP (=Physical Motor Program (?)). It's held by the PE teacher, but - she doesn't have any assistants to do these lessons. So she has asked around amongst the parents if anyone had some time to spare, to help out. She really needs all the help she can get as the very young kids needs to be supervised to do all the movements and exercises properly.
I've volunteered for 2 hours a week, 2 periods with the two Year 2 classes on Thursdays. Yesterday was my first time.

At one stage I told a little boy off slightly, and he looked at me with a big question mark all over his face saying "And who are you??!"
Well, from now on, I'm Mrs Watson - teacher's assistant!

Yesterday our room was double booked so for one session we had to take the kids out to play on the outside equipment. I'd never noticed before, but as soon as the kids came out to play, two maintenance guys came and sat down on chairs between the playground and the jungle. Just sat there, and read the newspaper.
I asked the teacher who they were and she said they were on "monkey-duty"... Apparently the monkeys come down to the cantine and rummage through the garbage bins, and sometimes also wander around the school grounds. So - there are "monkey-guards", to keep and eye and make sure they don't come near the children!
Ha ha - what would be the equivalent back home? "Squirrel-guards"? Ha ha!

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