Friday, 18 September 2009


There is a lot of activity here on the blog at the moment because there is really a lot going on right now in our life in Brunei.
The kids are thriving in school and it's a joy to see. Both of them happily gets up in the morning and looks forward to their day. They come home full of smiles and lets us know all they have been doing. Both of them seem really happy with the extra activities we have signed them up for, and with everything else that is happening for them.

On Linnea's 2nd swimming lesson yesterday, they practised their "breathing to the side". It was only four of them this time, and they floated around for a bit on this mat, alternating putting their face down in the water and blowing bubbles (nose) with laying their head on the side to breathe (ear). They were so cute!

They also tried a dive for the first time yesterday. I might have started them from sitting position, but then again... I'm no swim coach, what do I know? Here is Linnea's first attempt, a bit of a tummy splash, but with time and practise she will soon get this too!

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