Friday, 4 September 2009

A great first week!

We've had a great first week back at school. Everything have run very smoothly and I've managed to keep on top of things, even the kids ever growing schedule - they are so busy!
The kids haven't seemed as tired as they were last year at school start, but instead settled in really well both of them, in their new classes. It's like the summer holiday never happened, they have just got right on with it!

Linnea is mostly upset there is no school tomorrow, and today she proclaimed "I looove my teacher!" and have been busy all afternoon making pretty pictures to bring in for her.
She has also already shown off what she has been learning in Chinese: "Ni-hao!"

We are having a long weekend off this weekend, since on Monday it's a public holiday due to the celebration of the revelation of the Quran. It will be nice.

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