Friday, 11 September 2009

Hash handle

I was back at the Hash on Tuesday, for the first time in over two months. It was really nice to be out in the jungle again, but gosh, it was a hard one! Up and down, and up and down... and up... and down... and up... and - you get the picture! Felt like it was never ending...

At the shout-up afterward, not only did I get the hashit (again...), this time for something that wasn't really my fault - but, I got my hash handle!
Our JM (=joint mistress, the one who leads the shout-ups) did a hash christening and we had to kneal to get awarded our names to be used at the Hash. A hash handle is a nick name really, could be something connected to something you have done or said, or to where you are from or... well, random sometimes.
My friend Tina who loves to pickle onions and other various things got called 'Pickled Lilli', another lady who comes from Bulgaria got called 'Beluga' (apparently the caviar comes from there?); my Swedish friend Anna got the name 'Ryvita' (I found that a really good name!) and me, well, I got the name:
'Call Girl'...

Apparently, it's because I'm so good at shouting out the calls we do in the jungle... Ok, all with good humour of course - but, what's wrong with 'Ikea'..? I would have liked that!

Next week Anna, Tina and I are laying the hash. It'll be my third one and we are hoping it'll be a good one. It's also going to be my 50th run (!), so it's time for my very first award! I'll tell you more about that after receiving it on Tuesday!


Jason said...

You aren't supposed to like your hash handle. It's all part of it. At least you got a fairly innocuous one. I never got one but then the men's hash never did them. It is a 'modern' hash thing and the Brunei Hash is the 2nd oldest hash in the world after all.

MrsW said...

Ah - the Brunei Hen House Harriers, is the OLDEST womens hash in the world!!! On the run since 1966!