Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Electricity = luxury?

It almost feels that way after the Monday night blackout nearly all of Brunei experienced. The power was gone from about 19.30 to midnight, and you wouldn't believe how totally BLACK it gets here!

We were quite lucky though because we had just finished bathing the kids, they were in their PJs and had already had a story. They were just about to go to sleep, which they had to do without duvets on, and in cosy candle light!
Nathan and I watched a couple of episodes of 'Royal Pains' on his computer, in the light of even more candles, and then tried to get to sleep too - after having brushed our teeth and got clean with the water from our water dispenser (since of course, the water is pumped electrically too...).

The only thing with these blackouts (we've now experienced three biggish ones only this year) is that it gets really, really hot (obviously!) and it doesn't help that you have to have plenty of tea lights lit all over to see something, which then makes it even hotter! Also, as I said, it gets really, really dark - and quiet!
The worst thing is, you never know when the power will come back, because of course - the hot line of the powercompany, doesn't work...
Well, you just deal with it - and in a way, it's quite cosy!

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