Thursday, 1 October 2009

Swedish movie night

Anna and I had movie night yesterday, but not just any movie night, we had Swedish movie night! We saw the first installment of the Millenium-trilogy, the movie called "Män som hatar kvinnor". It's based on the book by the same name (translated in English this first book is strangely called 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. Strange because that's the name of the third book in Swedish... Confusing? Yes.).

Both Anna and I have read all three books, together with the whole population of the Scandinavia it seems! Actually, these books were the next best selling books in the world last year (after 'The Kite Runner')! We were eagerly looking forward to an opportunity to see the film.
And it was good, boy was it good..!

I would still recommend to read the books first though, like with most movies adapted from books - the books are still better.
Nathan has read the first two parts and is waiting for the translation of the third one to be published this fall. He is hooked too. Actually I still haven't met anyone who doesn't like them! So, if you haven't read them - do it now! (You can even buy these books here in Brunei!)

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Cissi said...

jag håller med dig om allt! ;) Martijn har läst alla tre och hade samma känsla som mig med den sista. Man ville läsa klart för det var så spännande men ändå ville man läsa sakta för sen är det liksom slut! Jag älskade filmen men martijn var inte lika imponerad även om han älskade filmen.