Monday, 19 October 2009

What a wake-up call!

This is one of those posts I hoped I'd never get to write, but helas, today I can:
This morning we caught a snake in our yard. Iiiaaaccchhh!

The dogs were going absolutely ballistic outside, and when Nathan (who was off to work anyway shortly) went outside to yell at them, he discovered this rather big, brownish snake just by our cars. It was quite slow-moving, because it had just fed on something (a rat?), but didn't look particularly happy...

Nathan came upstairs and told me:
- Do you want to see the snake??
What a way to wake up at 06 am!

Believe it or not, but I didn't run for my camera as the first thing I did! I went outside to "help", keep an eye on it in case it moved while the others (our neighbour Matt had arrived too at this stage, as they are flying together this morning) were attacking it.

They were very brave! They held the snake down with a rake, and chopped it's head of with a shovel. Yuk, yuk, yuk!

Unfortunately the close-up photos came out a bit blurry (used my zoom lens, so I wasn't very close at all!), but I hope you can see the whatever-he-has-eaten-hump on the snake?

Our amah wasn't too impressed either.

I'm glad the boys were still here. I now know that our amah is no big snake killer, so if we get one again and we are home alone, I'm calling Bomba (the firemen) straight away!

I'm really happy though the dogs did their job and warned us. This was one of the reasons why we got them. They sure are getting a special treat later!


Jason said...

Looks like some sort of Python and therefore pretty harmless to us humans. Was most likely that it was looking for a corner to go and digest it's breakfast in. Good things to have around as they love to rats. I'd be more concerned about the presence of rats than snakes as the rat carries all sorts of diseases and the snake gets rid of them. You could have kept it and made a shoe out of it.

vicky said...

Well at least your dogs are good and warn you... my lazy dog had a poisonous snake coming into our kitchen without him even raising an eyebrow! But maybe that´s what you get if you decide to have a boxer.

I am glad you had the guys around to take the snake out for you, I am sure you had not. LOL!

Kram V

Jason said...


This was taken from the Borneo Bullsh!t about 1990. It's a big one. I found the picture in my snakes book when I was looking up what you had found. Check out the size of this one compared to the van and the coils of it around the bottom of the tree. Hooge!

Jason said...

Ooops! HTML didn't work. Here's a direct link.

Larssons said...

Don't like snakes regardless of what they eat. we had quite a few snakes around living in NC but I only saw two of them and that was enough for me.

Munir bin Julaihi said...

Ay, a snake. A dangerous animal in the whole universe. They eat rats, mice, and also both guinea pigs and hamsters. (No~~~! Not my hamsters!!! T-T)

But good thing he killed the snake. 'Cause snake is....


I'd better not talk about it right now...