Saturday, 3 October 2009

Barnaby Bear and Teachers Consultations

Last weekend we had Barnaby Bear visiting our house. They are doing about the same thing now in Year 1, as they did in Kindy, with Maisy Mouse. Although this time, Lucas had to do the page in the book by himself.
We took Barnaby around where we went, and then Lucas wrote a little story about it in Barnaby's book:

No, his handwriting isn't the neatest... It's supposed to say: "On Saturday Barnaby and I we went to Yadis house then we went Adam's house. On Sunday we went to sushi. Then we went home." (You can click on the picture to make it bigger.)

On this note, I can also mention that we had parent-teacher consultations this week, and got to have a chat with each of the children's teacher. Lucas' teacher said, that he is doing really well both sociably and academically, he is in the top of the class; apparently he is very good at reading and maths. But, his handwriting is still very messy... The teacher said that left-handers often take longer time to sort their handwriting out. My thought is simply - he is five. It will come.

He is also a bit silly at times, when he is supposed to listen and concentrate (...) but they are working on that. Again - he is a five-year old boy. It will come.
So, all in all, nothing to worry about.

Linnea is also doing very well. She has a perfect pencil grip and can write her own name and recognize a few other letters. She can do ABAB and AABAAB patterns totally independently and she is friends with everybody in class, boys and girls alike. And, she loves school - which of course is the best thing!

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