Saturday, 31 October 2009

More mangoes!

We actually have our own mango tree in our garden! It's bearing fruit at the moment, but I have no idea when they will be ripe enough to pick..? They are still rock hard.

So instead, Nathan brought back a box of mangoes from Surabaya this morning, mmm!! Love the mangoes!

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Jason said...

The smell gives them away quite often. You will be able to sniff them and they will smell really 'mangoey' and you will see quite a few dropping off. I can't remember if that is a yellow variety or not. It was a long time ago when I planted it and it was a very small plant then.

While they are green you can make a Thai green mango salad from them. Cut the mango into matchstick strips and mix with chopped corriander (chinese parsley or cilantro) sliced red onion, chilli flakes, toasted nuts (I love cashews on this) lime juice, sugar and fish sauce. Use as a topping for fried fish. It is awesome.