Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My next challenge

My exercise have gone so-so since the mountain climb to be honest. It was really good back then to have a proper goal to work towards, not just a "I-would-like-to-loose-some-weight"-kind of goal, but an actual "I-need-to-be-fit-enough-to-be-able-to-get-up-that-f***ing-mountain"-goal!

Now I have a new one! I've just signed up for this:

The 10k run at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon in February!
I've convinced my friend Vicky (who actually lives in Hong Kong) to sign up with me. She is a bit hesitant, but it'll be great! I'm sooo excited!

It's exactly 4 months away today, which leaves us 122 days to train in - it'll go fabulously!

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John said...

Great Goal! Start by a daily 45 minute walk and then speed it up until you feel you can break into running. When you can do that and keep running for 2-5 km then you're ready to start a weekly program. Check out Anders Szalkais running programs on
Later, John...who just finished his yearly Lidingö lopp