Friday, 23 October 2009

Pest control

Nathan came home and was all happy the other day, he had found (and bought of course) a new gadget: a fogging machine!
We are rather plagued by mosquitos where we are, especially Linnea, but also the rest of us. We always need to put out the burning coils if we are going to sit outside, and spray ourselves with tons of repellent. So, it was probably a good buy.

Today he tested it for the first time, and let's just say - at least it fogs! (We will notice the next few days if it actually killed the mosquitos too I guess!)

Here he is, getting it going:

Need to be protected accordingly:

It's starting up - yup, it fogs! Oaw, and quickly it fogged even more...

... and even more...

... and more! It didn't take long to get it going at full blow!

Then I had to go inside because the smoke took over the whole outside!

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Scrapper-holic said...

Hi Boel

So did the fogging machine work? If it did i'm interested to know where Nathan bought the machine from as i detest mosquitoes too!!