Sunday, 18 October 2009

Linnea's 4th party (Extended version)

So, it rained all morning yesterday, but cleared up just in time for the party! Not that it makes it any colder when it rains, but it's a bit sad and gets so soggy, so I was glad we got some sunshine!

The birthday girl was looking stunning in a new dress (bought for the occasion in Sweden this summer):

We got a 3/4-of-the-family-photo, before it all broke loose:

The water slide was as popular as always:

And so were the bikes -

- and the trampoline:

We had lots of yummy food; spring rolls, bbq chicken drumsticks, mini burgers, lemon&ginger prawns, water melon, popcorn etc etc:

And of course, we had cake! I used the Kitchen of Jasmine again, they make really yummy stuff, and I like this idea of cupcakes to avoid the cutting-the-cake-madness. They were chocolate cupcakes with 3D icing, and tasted fab!

Here is the very happy girl, who had a lovely afternoon with her friends!

As some of us adults continued the party with a steak-dinner and some more wine, until quite late, she didn't get to open her gifts yesterday. But, she was so tired she didn't even mind... she just wanted to sleep!
I'm sure she had sweet dreams!

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