Monday, 12 October 2009

Unwelcomed visitors

Lucas has been scratching his head a bit lately and after dinner today we thought we'd better have a look, just in case... and yes, we definitely found some of these little critters..:

Well, they were bound to strike our family too at some stage. It's a first for us to have to deal with them.
Off to the store I went straight away to get some treatment schampoo to deal with it before bedtime, and when I got back I found my son looking like this:

I nearly cried... He looks like a little prison boy... Bless... (I guess there will be no family photos for Linnea's birthday this year...)

Linnea thought she wanted a haircut just like it - but she would have to make do with just being in a picture as well:

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cecilia said...

argh, headlice is such a pain - holly got them in time for chistmas last year, and with her curls - not easy to treat.....
we have a lice scare in school after any vacation/holiday/time away from school and I am becoming a very diligent lice-checker, at least once a week:)

Your boy looks gorgeous with his haircut, don't worry, it will soon grow out - fingers crossed the rest of your are spared!!

take care