Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bad, bad timing

Anna and I are off to Singapore for the day on Monday. She needs to renew her passport, and I'm coming along to keep her company! We are starting off by paying a visit to the Embassy, but that should only take about half an hour - then the rest of the day is ours to just enjoy, yay! I love Singapore.

We will be following our usual schedule; strolling down Orchard Road shopping, browsing, having Starbucks, enjoying lunch with wine (just because we can!) and this time we will go and see the new huge shopping mall 'ION Orchard' that has just opened. They have a Pandora shop there... aaahh.

We will be finishing off the day, of course, at IKEA. Only thing is, I just surfed in on their home page and got met by this:

Now that's bad timing!! We have to go over there on Monday, because of the passport situation - so our only hope now is that they have started to display their Christmas stuff early...
Cross your fingers!

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