Thursday, 22 October 2009

Road trip to Malaysia

Yesterday I packed my kids, and my neighbour, two of her kids plus a guest, a few bags and toys into the car - and off we went on a road trip to Miri in Malaysia. It's only a few hours away and we were only gone for one night, but still nice to get out of Brunei for a little bit!

We stopped in at their Yacht Club and had lunch which was really nice. I hadn't been there before, and it was beautifully located along a long, sandy beach:

It also had a great playground where the kids amused themselves after the long car trip.

Then we checked into the hotel and met up with our other neighbours who had come down in their car:

Spent a few hours by the pool, before going to the restaurant to have a nice buffet dinner. Linnea kept asking when her birthday was coming, and in the end I understood she ment her birthday cake..! Luckily I had arranged for the restaurant staff to bring one out for us for dessert! Then she was happy!

Staying in a hotel was exciting and fun, even though it was just for one night. This morning the kids and I had a little sleep-in, and enjoyed the luxury of watching tv in bed.

After yummy breakfast we had another long stay at the pool, including lunch and birthday cake for Misuzu (!) - before driving back to Brunei again.

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