Saturday, 31 October 2009


This is Jay, the bigger one of our two dogs. We should've called him 'Houdini' instead though, because he is a true master in breaking out of our yard, the little sh*t.

We have covered up I don't know how many holes to date, but still he keeps getting out. Sometimes he finds a week point in the fence but most of the time he just digs new holes under it.
He doesn't go far, mostly over to the neighbours to say hello to their dogs or does a walkabout and to sniff around a bit; sometimes he goes to eat the cat food next door. He always comes back quite quickly, but still, it's annoying. Mocha, our other dog, doesn't follow him funnily enough. He stays put - and "tells Jay off" (=barks a lot at him) when he gets back in, as to say "Don't do that! You'll get us in trouble!".

We are so sick of it though. Every time he goes out, he gets chained up by this tree for the rest of that day, but he doesn't seem to get the message. Anyone got tips on what to do?


Jason said...

He IS a dirty dawg!

I seem to remember you have chopped their bollocks off already as that often helps. Take them running down the beach every once in a while or just don't stress over it. It may be an attention getting ploy. You may see it as negative attention but they just see it as attention. I used to stress over it with Hip and Funky but then started leaving the gates open for them to do what they wanted and they never went out. I think it was just the attention they wanted from getting told off for it.

Dosiss said...

U need to walk the dog so he can sniff out new perfums and I think u got yourself a race that needs to hunt and explore. Take them with U next time U get out for a run. I guess they just sit around all day and get some bored?