Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Fresh flowers

I've always loved fresh flowers inside. I don't have much 'green fingers' so keeping pot plants alive have never really been my forte - but fresh flowers who die anyway after a while, I can handle.

For our apartment in Denmark I use to buy big bunches of flowers all the time, because fresh flowers there were so incredibly cheap. We had an old style place with high ceilings, and big vases with lilies looked amazing in there; and in the spring I used to get tulips nearly every week.
In the UK I picked up the occasional bouquet from Sainsbury's, when I remembered, or had time... Not as cheap there, so it was more of a treat from time to time.

Here, it's definitely not cheap as all the flowers are imported from overseas. I would love to have more fresh flowers, but here it's only something I do when I know we are having dinner guests or for special occasions.
Down here, some of my favourite flowers are these:

Ginger flowers. Aren't they beautiful? Although there are only four of them, they look pretty impressive I think.

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