Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Picasso

The last few weeks (maybe since school begun and she has less time to roam the house..?) Linnea's kleptomaniac tendencies have seemed to ease off a bit. We've only really had one incident when Nathan was going off on an overnight and all of a sudden couldn't find his wallet - panic... until we looked in one of Linnea's bags...
So, not as bad as it was actually.

It seems like she has found a new little hobby though. One that has lead to all the pens and crayons of this house now having been confiscated or hidden away:
It started a while back, with her drawing on her little furniture in the playroom, and got a bollocking for that. She (& Daniel to be honest) then drew on the dining room wall in his house, another BIG talking to; and she has also drawn on some other toys - well, too bad, it's her own things.

But, the other day whilst driving home from a birthday party, she and her little friend Gemma got the crazy idea to draw on the inside of the car door with some new pens they had got in the party bag..!!! I can tell you, neither Mummy or Daddy or Gemma's parents were very impressed with that! (It could be wiped off, luckily!)

Today, we discovered drawings on five different walls of the living room/dining room... FIVE! Boy, did we get crossed!!! (Also with the amah actually, because it had apparently happened this morning, and she had "forgot" to tell us... Not easy to tell someone off 12 hours later.)
So, time for another speech about "We only draw on PAPER and nothing else than PAPER". Then she had to help Rhoda to clean up and luckily that too could be removed, after some very hard scrubbing.
She did tell me though, that she had done it because she wanted to make our house pretty...

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