Thursday, 19 February 2009

School trip to the Sultan's Flight Helicopter Hangar

Today we went on another school trip with Linnea's class, both Nathan and I. This trip went to the Sultan's Helicopter Hangar at the Istana, to conclude the theme they have had for the last weeks, about traveling and flying etc.

This time we were all slightly more prepared for what was awaiting us, both the kids and the teachers/helpers and parents. Although today we got escorted by two of the royal follow-cars on the way there and back!

Once again, there were loads of photos taken, and we were (well, the prince was...) filmed throughout the whole visit. We got to sit and have a look around both the helicopters (BlackHawk UH-60s, same as the US army is using); and then we got invited to have some food and cake - yum!

Some snaps from today:

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Frk M said...

Jag antar att du varit upptagen med alla besök, men tycker att det var länge sen du var inne "hos oss". Jag hoppas att allt är bra och att vi snart får se dig igen!