Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Supermodel for a day

One of my friends here have a little home business selling handmade tunics. Until now she has only been selling from home to friends and friends of friends, but now she is about to set up a website, and she needed someone to take some photos of the garments.
I offered to help, thought it would be a good opportunity to practise my new photographic skills - and also, Linnea was asked to be one of the models!

We spent an hour down at the Empire (that's about how long the patience lasted on our young models...) yesterday; walking about, playing in the shallow pool and doing some "posing" too. We actually got quite a few really good photos, I'm very pleased! The girls enjoyed themselves, and so did I!
(And yes, I will be sure to post the address for the web page as soon as it's finished of course.)


malin2 said...

Great pictures I really like the last one!!!

Kattis said...

Åhh vilka fina flickor med jättesöta tunikor!! Måste vara en mycket bra fotograf!!

Anna said...

Lovely pictures Boel. Hope you are all ok. Anna