Thursday, 5 February 2009

Severe weather

I feel really sorry for Erika. She is only here until next Friday (11 days in total), and the weather is really atrocious, day in and day out.
Last night there was a 'severe weather warning' issued and it got sent out via sms to everybody with a mobile phone.
The rain doesn't seem to stop more than 5 minutes at a time and the rest of the time it's raining so heavily, you f.e have to drive super slow, because you see nothing!

We did do the Hash on Tuesday anyway, in the pouring rain. You could only kind of get wet, and once you were soaked through, it wasn't that bad...

But so far she hasn't got any use out of her bikinis unfortunately, and I fear that she will probably not get to unpack them at all...

This is the worst weather situation ever, they say in the newspapers, today they are expecting flash floods again, and a tide over 2.5. Well, she won't experience these tropical weather conditions anywhere else at least!

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