Sunday, 15 February 2009

Bye Erika!

After almost two weeks, we said goodbye to Erika on Friday. Finally the rain stopped and she got a few good days with sun and heat at the end of her stay.

On Friday we went together to Singapore for the day, as her connecting flight to Europe wasn't until in the evening. We spent the whole day cruising down Orchard Road, shopping, browsing, lunching, enjoying the hustle of the big city. It was great!
And yes - I did convince her to got to the 'mothership' (IKEA) with me even though she wasn't really keen; she did see how important it was to me (good friend!). We finished off with a (not so yummy unfortunately) semla in the restaurant, before going back out to the airport.

Thanks for coming my lovely friend! I'm so glad you have seen a bit of my life, and enjoyed it!

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