Sunday, 15 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Thanks to school mostly, the kids know everything about Valentines Day. They have been spending this week making hearts for each other in class, and on Friday the kids came home with some lovely gifts for us. Both of them had made pretty Valentines Day's cards. Here is Lucas' card:

And the inside, saying "Dear Mum and Dad, Happy Valentines Day, love Lucas xxxooo". Very cute!

Here is Linnea's card, saying "Happy Valentines Day. This one is for my daddy, mummy, mummy's friend & Lucas. I love you... Because I want to."

They had also made some heart shaped cookies, and since I wasn't there on the Friday they woke me with mine, served on a plate, very solemnly on Saturday morning. Cutie pies!

From Nathan, I got a lovely heart charm for my Pandora:

Thank you sweetie - and Happy Valentine!

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