Thursday, 26 February 2009

A good nights sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is really something I can hardly remember how it feels...

It was actually a lot easier done a few years ago than it is now, even though we hardly have any babies in the house anymore! A few years back, both kids slept so well.
At the moment, we have at least one child in our bed every night. Mostly it's Linnea who comes in straight away if she wakes up, or has had a wee (even if it's in her diaper, it seems to wake her). Sometimes I take her right back, but mostly I'm too tired so I let her cuddle a bit. Sometimes she crawls up by herself and just nestles in without us even realizing.

Every now and then Lucas comes in too, he doesn't say anything either, just cuddles in. He is rather insisting too, even if we take him back, he tend to return again after a while... if it's one of those nights.

Even if the kids don't come in, I rarely sleep well. I'm used to the AC yes, but I still heavily dislike it, the strange temperature it creates, the "wind" and the never ending sound it makes.
Plus, we haven't really made the bedroom very cosy yet. I'm actually a bit stuck about what to do, but we need to get something up on the walls and make it a bit softer, comfyer and nicer. One of the many projects on my to-do-list...

All this is funny, because when I was a kid, I always slept all night. I never got up, for water or toilet - I can't even remember ever waking up at all during the nights. I remember my parents always said they had been (and still are) awake several times and I couldn't understand, I slept so well!

I wonder now if I ever will again..?

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