Wednesday, 25 February 2009

{365:56} At the DVD store

At the DVD store.
We have a tradition at least once a week, that after we pick Linnea up we go for sushi and then across the road to the DVD store, to check for new movies or TV-episodes. DVDs are cheap here, but of course, they are all copy DVDs. You have to be wary if they are still "cinema-copies" (=not so good yet), but otherwise they are as good as normal ones.
A while back they wrote in the newspaper, that some American guy had been investigating the DVD market here in Brunei, and found out that 95% of all CDs and DVDs that are sold here are pirate copies. Well *duh*, what I would like to know is: where do I found the other 5%?!?

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Fai Sapphire said...

Hey. I want to ask are there the three stooges dvd collections sell there?