Thursday, 5 February 2009

Some schooltrip!

This morning Linnea had her first school trip. Since they have been talking about travel, mostly air travel, the last few weeks, the trip went to the Sultan's Hangars.

The school has done this trip several times before, but I guess it has it's perks to be school mate with one of the Princes, because we were actually allowed to visit not just the hangars, but the inside of the three Royal aircrafts too!

We had a couple of hours there, walked around the offices and surroundings, saw a short slide show and then we were escorted down to visit the airplanes and the two helicopters that had been brought over just for us.
Even though we were 6 teachers and 8 parent helpers (on less than 20 children) it was a bit like trying to manage a puddle of water - they are so small and so fast! They were everywhere!

We even got to board the 'big mama', the 747. It was very... golden!
There was an impressive amount of people escorting us, all upholding different functions. They were all very helpful and friendly and took good care of their little visitors. Most of the Lufthansa pilots were there as well, and we bumped into our friend Fredrik, which was extra nice of course!

After the tour, we were invited to have a bite to eat. They had prepared a lovely buffet table for us, and all the kids (and helpers!) dug in to yummy noodles, spring rolls, pasta and other delicacies.
Then it was time to get on the bus and drive back to school again after such a very special morning that we all will remember for a long time!

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