Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Brunei's birthday

Linnea's class and the two older Kindy-classes had a little party today, to celebrate "Brunei's birthday". They had decorated super nice, with a big sign they had all helped to make, balloons and table cloths in yellow, black and white - and other Brunei themed decorations that the kids had prepared for the occasion.

They were all seated along one long table, and all the parents had brought a little plate of food each. There was so much food as usual, and kids had a feast - as usual! (Especially check out the fruit sticks, and the artistically carved melons they are mounted on!)

Daniel and Linnea inspecting what's on offer today:

It was lovely, the kids think it's great with these kind of happenings, and as usual I enjoy being a part of it too.
Linnea was a bit disturbed at first that there was no party bags at this birthday party (...) but was kind of happy with a big iced biscuit and two Brunei coloured pens she could take home.


Katarina said...

Jag ramlade in till din blogg med anledning av Brunei, du har en fin blogg! Jag har varit ett antal gånger till Brunei, mycket mycket annorlunda land! Jag är fn. hemma i SVerige och drar flyttlasset, via Usa till Filippinerna i april/maj.

MrsW said...

Hej Katarina - oj, det låter spännande! Filippinerna - hur länge ska du vara där, och vad är anledningen?

Hur kommer det sig att du varit här i Brunei, t.o.m flera gånger? Nu blir jag ju nyfiken!