Sunday, 22 February 2009

Jubli Perak Hari Kebangsaan

Tomorrow is a big day here in Brunei - it's the 25th National Day celebrations. Preparations have been ongoing for weeks and weeks, and the whole country is decorated - at every roundabout, every street corner, every lamppost there is a signpost or a big flag. Most cars are sporting mini-flags as well, we are off school of course and everybody are well and truly geared up for tomorrow.

The day will be celebrated with a festival and a theme that recollects 25 years of achievements since independence from Britain on 1 Jan 1984. The Sultan will host the Asian leaders at his 1788-room palace.
There will be a big parade and celebration tomorrow morning at the Stadium - read more about it all here.

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TinTin said...

Vad spänande. Erkänner att jag inte hade en aning om att Brunei varit en brittisk koloni. Hoppas att det blir ett trevligt firande - förresten, jag tvivlar inte en sekund på att det blir ett bra kalas - de verkar vara bra på det där! ;)