Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I can't keep up.
Having had visitors here for a while means that I've lost all control and is totally out of the loop. Totally not on top of things, like I normally would be.
There are tons of emails that I need to answer, photos that need sorting, a couple of projects I need to finish off, the house needs tidying up and re-organizing, etc etc etc...

The other day I went to the petrol station to fuel the car. Somehow I managed to completely miscalculate the contents of my purse and ended up not having enough money. Of course, they don't accept card payments, so I had to tell the sweet little lady (who probably didn't understand much of what I said) that I would be back, and zoom home and get some more cash... Lucky I look trustworthy! :)

Same thing happened when we were going to vaccinate the dogs, neither one of us had any cash and he didn't accept cards either... Had to go back with some cash the next day... *Sigh* Just not with it at all, and I don't like it.

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