Monday, 9 February 2009

{365:40} Better than a spa treatment

Better than a spa treatment.
Today Erika and I went to Temburong. The weather has changed (halleluja!) and it was a beautiful and sunny day. We sailed in the long boat, climbed up to the canopy walk, did the canopy climb, had lunch on the riverbank, walked to the waterfall and Erika later 'tubed' downstream in a big rubber ring!
But here, on the photo, I am getting my feet done, by little fish. The pool at the waterfall is full of them, they nibble at your dead skin - just like the 'doctor fish' used at some flash spas around the world. It was a weird, but fun, feeling.


Dina said...

Så himla festliga är de där fiskarna! Vi var på ett fish spa i KL, där man fick sitta med fötterna i en bassäng medan fiskana gjorde sitt jobb. Annorlunda spaupplevelse, minst sagt :-) said...

Hej! Vi är med i samma fotokurs. Kände för att kika runt hos er andra och se hur ni har det på era hemsidor

Ha det bra!

Anna said...

How was it? I have heard about it, sounds interesting though.. Anna