Friday, 6 February 2009

Chinese New Year Hash

I brought Erika to the Hash on Tuesday, even though it was raining like never before, the downpour was crazy. But it was the Chinese New Year Hash, usually a good one - so I thought it would be nice.

We got told at the start only to go to first check and back because of the weather conditions. Only the front runners were allowed to go all the way around, but once we got to first check all I heard from Erika was "Please lets go all the way around, please, please, pretty-please!!"
We were already completely soaked through at this stage, so we certainly couldn't get any wetter! We picked up some speed to try and catch up with the front runners, and since they had been busy looking for a check we were able to tag on.

The on-on was held at one of the Chinese girl's house. They had put on a lavish dinner for us, and decorated very nicely. The hares were in traditional clothing and all the hens were dressed in red. We had the usual announcements and Erika got her down-down (as you do when you are a first time guest) - and, we tossed the noodles!
Yes, apparently something you do for good luck, good health, prosperity etc in the new year! We all stood around and tossed noodles in the air, lot's of fun!

Here are some snapshots:

Erika thought this was the best thing ever! She really enjoyed the run and she said she felt a bit like a child who was allowed to be out in the mud and play without any reservations!

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