Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hurra hurra!!! ♥

Internet is amazing.
I'm sitting here, in my jungle in Brunei on the other side of the world - watching the Swedish Royal Wedding on a LIVE feed!
It's amazing! Internet rocks.

I love being able to "take part" in this big, big event. Even though the time difference is making it all cut in to my beauty sleep, it's all worth it!
It's given me goose bumps and tears in my eyes - both the love in the air, and the home sickness..!

I managed to get it working just when they said "Yes", and I then followed the whole ceremony in the church, the parade around the capital and the fairy-tale, magical boat trip. Absolutely beautiful! Stockholm is bathing in sunshine and there's people waving flags everywhere!

The Crown Princess and her Prince are so beautiful too... *sigh*... The Crown Princess have always been very popular, and the fact that she is today marrying a man of the people makes this whole event not just extra special but also historical.
You can't help but become a little bit extra patriotic a day like this!

I wish them a long and happy marriage! ♥

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SusanneB said...

IKEA in Hamburg offered "Public Viewing" - no, not the Soccer World Championship - you could go there, watch the Swedish Royal Wedding and eat this VERY green cake...:-)