Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Summer plans - kind of...

Well actually, there are not many plans made for this summer... In fact, we are improvising quite a bit this year!
As you know, we have had issues with Nathan's leave, and still don't quite know the dates for it or if it's going to happen at all actually.
But, we do have a few dates, here we are:

8 July: School is out
11 July (hopefully, depending on which flight we'll get on): Boel & kids off to UK
15 July: Boel & kids fly Gatwick-Copenhagen and continue up to Skara
20 July: Nathan's leave start. He's off to Scandinavia?
20 August: Boel & kids go back to Brunei, via overnight in Heathrow
30 August: School start

If Nathan makes it (it all depends on how long his leave will be, which is the one thing we don't know), we hope to be able to rent a car again somewhere and drive around a bit. It was so nice last year to be able to be flexible and not rely on train times etc.
We probably will be sightseeing a bit more this year, doing our own thing, discover Sweden a bit together!
We do have some stops to make at the friends who have already said they want to see us, but sadly that list is getting shorter year by year... I guess that's the curse of being an expat...

I'm hoping for another great summer though! Can you please save some of the good weather until we get there?


TinTin said...

We want to see you! Both in the UK AND in Sweden! :)
In Sweden, we can even offer space to stay...

Anonymous said...

Hej Boel and Family!
You are certainly on our guest list anytime....would be lovely to see you all in real life!
Lucas looks just like his Daddy!And Linnea has very Scandinavian features....lots of love, Arja and family, Corfu