Thursday, 12 May 2011

Pizza Party

Anna and I laid the Hash this week. We had decided to recycle the run from last November, that got completely rained out in a torrential downpour.
Last week when we had planned to go in and rekkie, we had to reschedule several times due to heavy rain, and we almost started to think this Hash was cursed!

Finally did manage to rekkie it one afternoon (and by the way, I'm amazed how much the jungle actually change in six months - we were lucky to find our way around again!) and then we crossed our fingers all Monday and Tuesday for no more rain.
It worked!
Tuesday turned out to be a glorious day, and everything went fabulously, the front runners came out in just under 50 minutes.

Getting our down-down as hares:

This time we took the easy option and actually ordered in some catering - pizza!
We have had lots of different food on all the 100 plus hashes I've run, but never pizza so far.

It was great, a pizza bash at the Hash! Just what you feel like after a nice, long jungle run! Needless to say, the pizza slices flew out of the boxes really fast! :)

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