Saturday, 14 May 2011

Old technologies

Yesterday it was time for yet another school excursion, this time for Lucas' year group, and I came along of course!
We went to the Malay Technology Museum in Kota Batu, a museum that exhibits various types of traditional technologies used by the indigenous people of Brunei. I hadn't been before, so I looked forward to doing a bit of sightseeing.

The kids got separated into groups and each group got paired with an adult helper. We then visited the three different galleries to have a look at all the exhibits, and also to complete some worksheets they had been given.
In the first gallery they were supposed to draw pictures of some of the different handicraft they saw, and also write down what the things were made of, and by whom.

A crab catcher:

In the second gallery we saw some models of traditional houses found in Kampong Ayer (the water village). The children were supposed to find differences and similarities between the olden days houses and the ones we find there today.

Lastly, we were shown some of the traditional technologies of the Kampong Ayer, like boat-making, cloth-weaving etc.

My group:

Then it was time for a snack outside:

It rained heavily all yesterday morning and even though it luckily had stopped when it was time for our snack, the mist was still laying low over the river. It was really beautiful:

Lucas seemed to enjoy himself a lot, and when I picked him up from school later in the afternoon, he asked if we could go back there again and visit some more! Because "there was just so much to see!". :)
I don't know, once might just be enough for me, but I sure had a very nice morning with Lucas and his little friends!

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Jason said...

I worked in there years ago. I was a guide for an aboriginal women's art exhibition. No, I am not joking!