Saturday, 7 May 2011

Water for elephants

One of the girls from my Book Club took a great initiative this week and organized a little movie outing for those interested. In the end there was 12 of us girls going, and we had a great evening.
We went to see the movie "Water for elephants", based on a book by the same title, that most of them had read. Although I hadn't read this book I decided to come along - a movie night is always fun!

When they told me the movie (/book) was called "Water for elephants", I thought it was going to be a movie along the lines of "Out of Africa" or something similar, set in the savannah, about wild animals maybe?
Well, I got positively surprised just before we went into the cinema when someone told me it was all about circus life.
As a former circus child, I got super excited - and I can tell you, the movie didn't let me down! It was magical!

I probably would have done a different casting with some less famous main actors, to make the story shine more, but that's just my opinion. (Plus, I thought these two had lousy "on-screen chemistry"...).
A part from that I so enjoyed how they depicted the whole circus setting. Even though it was set in the 1930s, there was a lot of things that were familiar to me. The cinematography and the costumes were really amazing - as was the third main actor, the elephant!
It was for sure a movie worth going to see, and I'm going to find myself the book and read that as well. The book is always better, no?

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Anna Malaga said...

Can you tell us more about your childhood at the circus? It would be so interessting to know!