Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Mother's Day 2011

We had a bit of trouble deciding on what to do with today. Really I would've like to go back to the Empire just like last year, for their High Tea - because this weekend it was themed 'Chocolate High Tea'. Mmm!

But, to get a nice and peaceful Mothers Day, we decided instead on the trusty Yacht Club. Somehow there isn't as much pressure on the children there to be quiet and still...
Actually, we arrived about lunch time, didn't leave until after dinner - and didn't really see the kids at any stage in between! (Well, we kept an eye on them, of course, but they didn't need us for anything, they very busy playing with their friends!) The day was spent with swimming, playing in the sand, jumping in the pool, playing rugby and running around for some - and reading a book for others.

Indeed it was a very relaxing Mothers Day! Lovely!

I'm a very lucky mother to these two, today and every day!

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