Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wet, wet, wet

The wet season is here again. It has rained non-stop now for two full days, and I'm sure we're in for quite a long period of it still. This is just the beginning.
I remember last year's January floods and hope it wont be as bad this year though... It's bad enough to have to drive through it several times a day to get to school, and to get wet (and then cold!) whatever you do.

This is how "chilly" it was at pickup today:

I don't mind the slightly cooler temperatures, but all this rain is messing with my running schedule!!

1 comment:

Katarina said...

Nä,, inte regnsäsong.. Jag hoppas det är tillfälligt.. Här på andra sidan,,,havet.. så blåser det riktigt rejält...

Håll er torr!