Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Trusting the program

There is but a month to go to the Hong Kong 10k race now, and I'm steadily following my program. It's a program from the Swedish running book I bought last summer, and seems to be a quite a general way of building up your training since I've found versions of it on several running sites on the internet.
In short, you do two runs a week, with short walking breaks included in them - and one long, continuous run that gets longer for each week.

It's going well. I guess.
I've no trouble with the endurance, I really like running. I'm not very fast though, actually not fast at all... I'm picking up just a little bit every week in pace, but not much to be able to do any great time at all. So even though I'm doing really good, it doesn't feel like it's good enough.

Nathan keeps telling me to "Trust the program!". So I do, sooner or later something might click. Until then, I just enjoy myself.
And keep running.

This late afternoon, down the track:

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